Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coffee, Wine, Tea....

As Ms. M get busier in work and business, she has stopped thinking about travel. A 3hour drive outside the city looks impossible.

When Mr. Q travels for work around some of the exotic places in the world, she gets to share some experiences. Most of them are in form of coffee, wine and teas.

Mr. Q is a coffee lover and that would imply that he brings home to Ms M the Arabica category of coffee. Robusta a big no-no!! The next day in the kitchen Ms M is brewing the coffee and preparing two hot cups of superior quality coffee. They discuss the taste, the smoothness and the experience...

Haitian Blue Coffee from a trip to South Africa. This unique blend is famously called "The Pearl from Carribbean" with its rare Arabica grown in Haiti. Just like the renowned Jamaican Blue Mountain blend, it gives you an exceptionally fine brew with a subtle floral note.
More about it on

The Starbucks Italian roast from one of the travels to the USA. Connoisseurs of dark roasts love our Italian Roast for its sturdy, assertive flavor. More about it here

The Lavazza Espresso Italiano is a Italian coffee but bought from Paris.

If Mr. Q has got back from the East, different flavors of teas with varying colors, flavors and fragrances. A hot pot of tea and the couple love non-milk teas. The pics would be posted sooner...working on it

And wines, this aren't missed in the travel shopping list and its solely for home consumption. The connoisseurs cant share these precious drops on those wild-partying days. This is part of the romantic evening, front of the TV on the sofa with some good cheese or munchies. There are times when there is a bottle of liqueur being part of those good post dinner desserts.

The wines are usually the red, white wine hasnt been part of their dinners from a few years. If you wouldnt know, let me give a little information about the categories of wine. All types of wines fall into one of these categories: White Wine, Red Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling Wine, (including Champagne), Dessert Wine, and Fortified Wine. To understand different type of wines, you can try this link

And this picture of one of the liqueur bottles consumed. These are alcoholic beverages flavored with fruits, herbs, cream etc. This one is chocolate flavored.

You should visit Mr. Q and Ms. M, experience the coffee, tea and wines..the global and the local too :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Travel Log 2010 - 11

1.  10 Jan 2010: Bangalore-Mumbai-Bangalore (flight-flight) (Sankranthi)
2.  11 Feb 2010: Bangalore-Hyderabad-Bangalore (flight-flight) (Surprise visit to inlaws)
3.  12 Mar 2010: Bangalore-Mumbai-Bangalore (flight-flight) (Ugadi, Sridhar bday)
4.  25 Apr 2010: Bangalore-Mumbai (flight) meet inlwas in Mumbai
5.  3 May 2010: Mumbai-Karjat-Lonavala-Mumbai (Taxi) Mumbai n around
6.  5 May 2010: Mumbai-Bagdogra : Gangtok and Darjeeling (Flight) (6 days)
7.  11 May 2010: Bagdogra-Hyderabad (Flight) inlwas visit before their US Trip 
8.  15 Aug 2010: Bangalore-Hyderabad (Train) Hyderabad-Bangalore (Flight) Ganesha festival with inlaws
9.  04 Nov 2010: Bangalore-Hyderabad-Bangalore (Flight) Diwali with inlaws
10. 29 Oct 2010: Bangalore-Puducherry-Banglaore (Car-Altis) for 3 days drive-down to Puducherry
11. 23 Dec 2010: Bangalore-Kochi (Bus) 30 Dec 2010: Kochi-Bangalore (Bus) Christmas vacations

1.  14 Jan 2011: Bangalore-Hyd-Bangalore (Flight) Sankranthi inlaws visit (3 days)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mumbai to Sikkim

Not easy to explain how a die-hard Bangalore lover is migrating to Mumbai. As we discussed SM's career plans  I figured that the way to growth is flexibility and that means moving places if required. Like that was a sensible reason! All worked in a manner that SM detested the job in Mumbai and we were packing bags to head back to Bangalore (I am never going to call it Bengalooru). In between jobs vacation, SM decided for a trip to Gangtok. Also, I had marked June as the time to put in more concentrated effort in my business/startups.

As it was clear that we wouldn't really get back to Mumbai sooner so we though to d a bit of Mumbai and made plans for Karjat and Lonavala. The threesome went to Marine drive and hopped a bit on the local and were all kicked about it though I was sure I wouldnt like it on a daily routine. We stayed at the River Gate Resort in Karjat, and had escaped a mishap. In my desire to have a.....[writing on....]

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Travel log as of April 2010

Year 2008:
  1. Feb 2008  : bangalore -chennai-bangalore (flight - train)
  2. April 2008: bangalore-Delhi-bangalore (flight - flight)
  3. April 2008: bangalore-Hyderabad-bangalore (flight - flight)
  4. Sep 2008: Bangalore-Mysore-Bangalore (Car)
  5. July 2008 bangalore-Delhi-bangalore (flight - flight)
  6. Aug 2008 bangalore-Delhi-bangalore (flight - flight)
  7. Sep 2008 bangalore-Delhi-bangalore (flight - flight)
  8. Sep 2008 Delhi-Allahabad-Delhi (train - train)
  9. 11 Nov 2008 bangalore-Delhi-bangalore (flight - flight)
  10. 23 Nov 2008 bangalore-Delhi-bangalore (flight - flight)
Year 2009:
  1. 11 Mar 2009: Bangalore-Hyderabad-Bangalore (Gruhpravesh) (train - train)
  2. Mar 2009: Bangalore-Ooty-Cunnoor-Bangalore (car)
  3. Apr 2009: Bangalore-Gurgaon-Bangalore (flight - flight)
  4. July 2009: Bangalore-Chikamgalur-Bangalore (Tata Safari)
  5. Aug 2009: Bangalore-Hyderabad-Bangalore (flight-flight)
  6. Sep 2009: Bangalore-Gurgaon-Bangalore (flight - flight)
  7. Oct 2009: Bangalore-Hyderabad-Bangalore (flight - flight) Nagarjun Sagar Dam
  8. 03 Dec 2009: Bangalore-Gurgaon-Bangalore (flight - flight)
  9. 10 Dec 2009: Bangalore-Gurgaon-Bangalore (flight - flight) (Canara HSBC work trip)
  10. Dec 2009 - Jan 2010: Bangalore-Mumbai-Bangalore (flight-flight) (Christmas -New Year vacations)
Year 2010:
  1. 10 Jan 2010: Bangalore-Mumbai-Bangalore (flight-flight) (Sankranthi)
  2. 11 Feb 2010: Bangalore-Hyderabad-Bangalore (flight-flight)
  3. 12 Mar 2010: Bangalore-Mumbai-Bangalore (flight-flight) (Ugadi, Sridhar bday)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mumbai March 2010

My daughter had Tuesday off at school for Ugadi and I grabbed this opportunity to make a trip to Mumbai for 4 days. I like the flat we rented at Mumbai, its modern with good wide views from each balcony. The balconies are big themselves unlike the Mumbai caged windowed flats. Opening the french windows and enjoying the flow of air as I read the newspaper or read a book is perfect. I didnt want to go visiting places.

Since Sridhar was busy at work, Nidhi and I spent most of the time with each other. I loved cooking lunch and washing the vessels. It was fun to wait on Sridhar and see him in late evening after work. Though in my earlier travels to Gurgaon in 2008 and 2009 where we spent time in guesthouses, we used to do a lot of mall hopping and movie watching. In Mumbai here tho' since we had a home to stay and a flat I adored, most of the time was spent at home.

I am planning another trip to Mumbai before Sridhar winds up his work there. We plan to go visiting places as he gets time off in between jobs. This time when I goto Mumbai, plan to do some mall hopping and visiting places :)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why a Travel Blog?

From past 2 years, post leaving job I am traveling almost every month and havent been able to capture it. I didnt want it to be part of my regular blog and today I decided to start this one.

I am just back from a trip to Hyderabad and my next post will be about it. I have more travels planned and you can read more about it.

I want to set the expectations, I am not a traveler who goes into mountains, jungles and visiting different countries, not the really venturesome types :) Its the world (people and places) from the eyes of a simple woman.